Ideas for Garage Storage and Organisation

If your garage seems to have space for everything except for your car, worry not, you can make a garage organisation project that you will easily do within a week and transform your garage as you would like.


The very first thing you will need to do is go through the space to determine what should be where and what should be stored together with what such like:

  • Sports and hobby supplies
  • Gardening tools
  • Seasonal items
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Combustibles and paints
  • Automotive supplies and tools

Once you are done sorting, you should clean your garage, and if you want a new look, you can repaint it as well.


Once the paint is dry or after cleaning if you do not paint, you should draw a plan. You can use a grid paper to note measurements, door, windows and utilities. This way, you will be able to determine how much room your car will need. Mark each zone for different supplies. Garden tools mostly work best near the door, recycling trash out to be close within reach and the seasonal items should be well out of the way. Keep the overlap or overhead storage in mind when planning.

Select storage options

Before you begin your project, you can research for different storage options like cabinetry, bins, boxes, tool hanging systems; bicycle hangers support brackets and shelving.


Once all that is done, nor you can start getting everything back in order. Below are some ideas to help you out.

  1. Try to keep all lawn and garden supplies off the floor but instead use an adjustable rail system. You can place hooks in the rail system and hang the tools. The open space underneath can accommodate the mower or a wheelbarrow if you have any. If there is minimal space, you can simply buy a garden shed where you can store all your garden supplies.
  2. You can use hanging rails for the sports gear as well, but you can use baskets for balls and hooks for bats. Hooks can also be used to hang bikes during the colder months you won’t be using them. During summer, you can use small rack where you will just grab and go.
  3. If you have a traditional workbench, you can use it for your weekend projects. You can use the low cabinets as multifunctional by the addition of a top. A pegboard will be great to hang hand tools as well as storage containers. You can use the drawers for the smaller tools and the cabinets for the larger ones. If you have children, consider clearing out the cabinets of dangerous tools or combustibles.
  4. The items that are usually frequently used can be stored on open wire shelves but keep them around eye level or even lower for easy access. You can use overhead storage for the seasonal items or the less frequently used items out of your way. You should use clear plastic bins while storing these so you can protect them from dirt and see what’s inside.


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