7 professional carpet cleaning tips you never knew about

Professional cleaning helps to add some life to your carpet. Such services are to be done at certain intervals. When you have no professional cleaner at home, there is still something you can do to keep things shining. There can be stains or spillages on the carpets or sofas and you need to know how to deal with them without causing more troubles. The professionals at Dynamic Clean – carpet cleaning services recommend that you stick to the following tips when dealing with stains to ensure that your carpets appear ever new.

  • Say no to rubbing/scrubbing out stains

Blotting is the recommended option when dealing with fresh spillages. You can also make use of a paper towel or clean cloth to clean the spillage but from the outside in. Any act that agitates the stain will leave the carpet fibres damaged. The stain may also spread out increasing the surface area affected.

  • Say no to over the counter stain remover

Don’t use anything that you not how to use. Most of the stain removers turn out to be ineffective and have the capability of even damaging your fabrics and carpets. Am not into any brand here. It’s a general topic and be advised not to buy any. That’s because we have seen so many inconveniences brought about as a result of clients using stain removers. Vinegar solutions or cold water is recommended over stain removers. However, you can always ask us for advice on which stain remover is the best. Those at the supermarkets and high street shops are not among the best.

  • Use heat for wax removal

Clients often complain of wax stains on the carpet. You don’t need a professional cleaner to remove such, though. All you need is some heat. But be careful not to burn the carpet. That said, we recommend that you have a clean cloth over the wax spot, iron the area to heat it up and then remove the warmed wax using a blunt knife. It comes out clean without removing any carpet fibres.

  • Regular vacuuming

It’s the act of getting rid of the dust that accumulates with time to form soiling. After you vacuum your carpet, you notice a fresh look. Most importantly, the lifetime of the carpet is increased by prevention of soiling that hurts the fibres.

  • Best carpet and upholstery protection works

The enemy to your carpets remains to be the stains. With the carpet protection on, the stains are prevented. It is much easier to remove stains from a protected carpet unlike when it’s not protected. Soiling won’t affect your carpet as well as they won’t be able to stick to the carpet.

  • Mind your method of removing the stains

How you approach stain removal sometimes determines the results. With water or vinegar, follow these steps. It’s proven.

  • Immediately blot the spillage with a paper towel or a clean cloth
  • Don’t stop blotting using dry cloths till the surface wet spillage is dry
  • Use the ratio of 4:1 to mix your water and vinegar solution
  • Using a spray bottle, apply the mixture in small amounts
  • Blot the spot to get rid of the excess moisture till the stain is removed
  • Use kitchen towels to cover the area and then use some weights on top for the towel to absorb the moisture and dry the carpet
  • If you don’t notice any stains on the paper, then your stain is gone. If that doesn’t work, then a professional carpet cleaner needs to be notified
  • Consider expert carpet cleaning

Where you are living alone with no pets or kids, you can have a professional cleaner after 18 to 24 months. Where there is huge traffic due to a family and pets, then 6 months is the most you can go without a professional carpet cleaning service. Don’t wait until there is too much soiling as that will damage your carpet by abrasion. Furthermore, you need your carpet to look clean always.

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