7 professional carpet cleaning tips you never knew about

Professional cleaning helps to add some life to your carpet. Such services are to be done at certain intervals. When you have no professional cleaner at home, there is still something you can do to keep things shining. There can be stains or spillages on the carpets or sofas and you need to know how to deal with them without causing more troubles. The professionals at Dynamic Clean – carpet cleaning services recommend that you stick to the following tips when dealing with stains to ensure that your carpets appear ever new.

  • Say no to rubbing/scrubbing out stains

Blotting is the recommended option when dealing with fresh spillages. You can also make use of a paper towel or clean cloth to clean the spillage but from the outside in. Any act that agitates the stain will leave the carpet fibres damaged. The stain may also spread out increasing the surface area affected.

  • Say no to over the counter stain remover

Don’t use anything that you not how to use. Most of the stain removers turn out to be ineffective and have the capability of even damaging your fabrics and carpets. Am not into any brand here. It’s a general topic and be advised not to buy any. That’s because we have seen so many inconveniences brought about as a result of clients using stain removers. Vinegar solutions or cold water is recommended over stain removers. However, you can always ask us for advice on which stain remover is the best. Those at the supermarkets and high street shops are not among the best.

  • Use heat for wax removal

Clients often complain of wax stains on the carpet. You don’t need a professional cleaner to remove such, though. All you need is some heat. But be careful not to burn the carpet. That said, we recommend that you have a clean cloth over the wax spot, iron the area to heat it up and then remove the warmed wax using a blunt knife. It comes out clean without removing any carpet fibres.

  • Regular vacuuming

It’s the act of getting rid of the dust that accumulates with time to form soiling. After you vacuum your carpet, you notice a fresh look. Most importantly, the lifetime of the carpet is increased by prevention of soiling that hurts the fibres.

  • Best carpet and upholstery protection works

The enemy to your carpets remains to be the stains. With the carpet protection on, the stains are prevented. It is much easier to remove stains from a protected carpet unlike when it’s not protected. Soiling won’t affect your carpet as well as they won’t be able to stick to the carpet.

  • Mind your method of removing the stains

How you approach stain removal sometimes determines the results. With water or vinegar, follow these steps. It’s proven.

  • Immediately blot the spillage with a paper towel or a clean cloth
  • Don’t stop blotting using dry cloths till the surface wet spillage is dry
  • Use the ratio of 4:1 to mix your water and vinegar solution
  • Using a spray bottle, apply the mixture in small amounts
  • Blot the spot to get rid of the excess moisture till the stain is removed
  • Use kitchen towels to cover the area and then use some weights on top for the towel to absorb the moisture and dry the carpet
  • If you don’t notice any stains on the paper, then your stain is gone. If that doesn’t work, then a professional carpet cleaner needs to be notified
  • Consider expert carpet cleaning

Where you are living alone with no pets or kids, you can have a professional cleaner after 18 to 24 months. Where there is huge traffic due to a family and pets, then 6 months is the most you can go without a professional carpet cleaning service. Don’t wait until there is too much soiling as that will damage your carpet by abrasion. Furthermore, you need your carpet to look clean always.

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How to recycle the hazardous waste in your home

hazardous waste in your homeMost homes are usually filled with items that, if not disposed of properly, could very easily bring harm to both the people living there as well as the environment. It gets quite easy to forget what kinds of materials are hazardous in the home, and it can be very hard to remember the proper ways to depose them. For this reason, the team at My Move London have put together a guide of the items that are usually classified as hazardous in the home and different ways to get rid of them.


The first thing you have to do is identify the hazardous items, and the easiest way to do this is by reading the label. If you find labels like “toxic”, “danger”, “warning”, “poison” or “flammable”, then you need to be very careful. You can use the labels to your advantage and cut on the amount of hazardous products you bring home. You can find alternatives that do not pose any danger to you instead.

Disposal-Below is some of the most toxic items that can be found in homes and the best ways to dispose of them.


Despite the fact that not all of battery types are hazardous, it is always best to be cautious when disposing of them. Alkaline batteries or lithium ion batteries are some of the non-hazardous batteries, but they should be disposed of properly just to be safe.

Rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries, vehicle batteries as well as disposable batteries should all be disposed of properly because or recycled at the disposal centres. Certain commercial establishments or supermarkets and shops also have dedicated battery drop-offs so you could check to find out.

Aerosol sprays

Filled or half filled cans are usually very dangerous, and if these are exposed to heat or even punctured, they can easily explode, and the aerosol can be very dangerous to the environment. Empty cans can be processed for regular recycling, but the hazardous waste facilities should only handle those with hazardous materials.

Televisions, computers and laptops

The WEEE usually covers electrical equipment like laptops, televisions and computers; the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and they should be deposed of properly as well. Whether they are old monitors that contain cathode ray tubes, plasma televisions, LCD laptops or piled up mould computers, they need to be handled by the hazardous waste management facilities.

Light bulbs

HID or fluorescent bulbs contain hazardous materials like mercury and should be disposed of carefully. Led halogen or incandescent bulbs can be recycled.

Materials with mercury

Mercury is extremely dangerous and if poured down the drains will clog. Thermometers or thermostats ought to be handled professionally.

Paint and solvents

Solvents like paint thinners, oil and latex based paints must not be poured down the drain. These should be taken care of by hazardous waste facilities. To avoid having hazardous waste around, buy the amount you need, so there is no left over.

Household cleaners

Toilet, oven, drain, metal and wood cleaners or bleach contain hazardous materials and ought to be handled by a hazardous waste service.

Automotive fuel or fluids

Fuels are explosive or flammable and need to be sealed well and handled by waste service companies. Lubricating, hydraulic or transmissions oils as well as antifreeze and brake fluids are hazardous.

Lawn and garden care products

Most of these are normally toxic like weed killers, herbicides, bug killers, pesticides mouse and rat poison. Hazardous waste facilities should handle them.

Personal care products

Moat personal care products like nail polish, remover, hair sprays, perfumes, cologne and hair dye are all toxic and flammable. They also need to be handled by a hazardous waste facility.

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Ideas for Garage Storage and Organisation

If your garage seems to have space for everything except for your car, worry not, you can make a garage organisation project that you will easily do within a week and transform your garage as you would like.


The very first thing you will need to do is go through the space to determine what should be where and what should be stored together with what such like:

  • Sports and hobby supplies
  • Gardening tools
  • Seasonal items
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Combustibles and paints
  • Automotive supplies and tools

Once you are done sorting, you should clean your garage, and if you want a new look, you can repaint it as well.


Once the paint is dry or after cleaning if you do not paint, you should draw a plan. You can use a grid paper to note measurements, door, windows and utilities. This way, you will be able to determine how much room your car will need. Mark each zone for different supplies. Garden tools mostly work best near the door, recycling trash out to be close within reach and the seasonal items should be well out of the way. Keep the overlap or overhead storage in mind when planning.

Select storage options

Before you begin your project, you can research for different storage options like cabinetry, bins, boxes, tool hanging systems; bicycle hangers support brackets and shelving.


Once all that is done, nor you can start getting everything back in order. Below are some ideas to help you out.

  1. Try to keep all lawn and garden supplies off the floor but instead use an adjustable rail system. You can place hooks in the rail system and hang the tools. The open space underneath can accommodate the mower or a wheelbarrow if you have any. If there is minimal space, you can simply buy a garden shed where you can store all your garden supplies.
  2. You can use hanging rails for the sports gear as well, but you can use baskets for balls and hooks for bats. Hooks can also be used to hang bikes during the colder months you won’t be using them. During summer, you can use small rack where you will just grab and go.
  3. If you have a traditional workbench, you can use it for your weekend projects. You can use the low cabinets as multifunctional by the addition of a top. A pegboard will be great to hang hand tools as well as storage containers. You can use the drawers for the smaller tools and the cabinets for the larger ones. If you have children, consider clearing out the cabinets of dangerous tools or combustibles.
  4. The items that are usually frequently used can be stored on open wire shelves but keep them around eye level or even lower for easy access. You can use overhead storage for the seasonal items or the less frequently used items out of your way. You should use clear plastic bins while storing these so you can protect them from dirt and see what’s inside.


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Remodelling Ideas You’ll Wish You Had Thought Of

Painting Cabinets Instead Of Replacing Them

When it comes to kitchens, simple never always mean streamlines. If your kitchen counters seem to fall short on frills as well as function, you can remove, repaint then re-install the cabinets.

Paint Some Wall Stripes

Even if you are doing long haul remodels, there are certain spaces that just cry out for prompt design attention. You do not have to do a full remodel or what is not in your budget; you can simply refinish everything from the sink fixtures to the plywood sub floor with some paint.

Shop Online And Save

You can take weeks researching counter tops or painstakingly picking cabinets, and at the time you can become lucky. However, during a remodel, you can simply shop online on kitchen showrooms.

Save With Stock Surplus

Sometimes, the secret to a successful renovation is staying flexible. You can get surplus from different projects and fix a new project using those materials. This could turn out to be one of the best results projects in your home.

Preserve Retro Charm

In case you have an old kitchen, you can give it a frugal but stylish makeover. If you want to keep some of the original retro detail like your metal cabinets or stainless steel sink, you can simply just change the surfaces and save yourself some huge chunks of cash. You will also get to keep the kitchen charm you wanted.

Split Work With A Contractor

In case you are on a budget and the bath you have always wanted seem out of your reach; you can get it if you have no problem becoming a little creative and a little dirty as well. You can let the contractor handle half of the hard job and then do the cosmetic work yourselves. You can easily fill your room with high-end finishes and fixtures like glassed in showers, a claw-foot tub, marble tile floor and even a furniture style vanity.

Smart Kitchen Storage

When you receive guests in your home, your hope is that the first room they see will make a great impression. If your kitchen is it, you need to make sure that it is not only looking good but efficient as well. If you put new upper cabinets, you could add the much-needed storage. You could also dress it up with new fixtures, hardware and trim.

Tranquil Retreat

If you bought an old home or one that had previously belonged to someone else, the bathroom might not be to your liking. It might be a total eyesore. If this is the case, you can transform it and get new fixtures from eBay and fix it little by little.

Go Deal Hunting

If you want to afford stainless steel and stone, you can keep what looks good in the kitchen, Cut the labour costs and do the work by yourselves. You can shop online for then supplies that you will need. Keep the basic layout, paint instead of replacing and search big box stores for supplies.

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